Medicine Mama is an earthkeeper, spiritual teacher, ceremonial leader, circle facilitator and holistic wellness coach.

With over two decades of experience in the realm of deep journey work with teacher plants, her medicine basket carries many healing modalities, including: TFH Kinesiology, psychotherapy, herbalism, aromatherapy, shamanic/intuitive healing journeys, nutrition and detoxification and circle work. This has culminated in a comprehensive, holistic and personalised approach to coaching and counselling that has profound and very real, deep effects on clients.

Deeply routed in the Sacred Hoop and experience of life on this earthly realm, she commits to walking in beauty, calling in the Sacred, and co-creating heaven on earth.

She is fully dedicated to serve our beautiful planet and all beings, assisting wherever she is invited, the blossoming of consciousness and deeper understanding of the Self, with special emphasis on the raising of the Feminine Divine and finding balance with the Divine Masculine.

You will find on this site musings, inspirations, tips and tricks and teachings of all sorts.

Medicine Mama is available for one-on-one work and if you feel called to her medicine, please contact us.

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