Sea_Buckthorn_Berrys_by_MadTricksNaturally Divine is a passion project of Liz Coutts. Born from a deep appreciation for the gifts of the plant kingdom, tinkering with essential oils evolved into a full-blown love affair with all natural things fragrant… Surrendering into gratitude and acknowledging the healing, regenerative power of plants led to a hunger for knowing and Naturally Divine is the resultant platform for sharing the knowledge and gifts that the flora offer so freely.

All products are handmade using only 100% pure, natural ingredients ­- as far as possible organic or biologically grown. You can be sure I do not use artificial fragrances or colourants. Absolutely no chemical preservatives, no petrochemicals, no SLS, no parabens, NO NASTIES. What is listed on the ingredients is what is in my products. No testing on and no harm is done to any animals in the manufacture of these high vibration products.

Harnessing the power inherent in every plant, I keep formulations simple and effective.

My love of plants is the direct offshoot of a reverent love and deep, abiding respect for this planet which nourishes and sustains us… This means I do things a little differently. You will notice I use mainly glass, which you can re-use or send off to be recycled when your unguent jar is empty – or if you are committed, it can be sent back to me and I will clean it up and use it for another cycle. The use of plastic and excess packaging is kept to an absolute minimum. Orders may take 3 -7 days to be shipped, so that I can make sure transport (and thus the use of fuel) is managed as efficiently as possible.

Please note that, due to the nature of the products we sell, everything is made by hand, in small quantities to ensure that when they reach you they are always fresh and wonderful.  As a result, there may be times when orders are delayed by a day or two in order for products to be made.  Also, due to environmental factors, small differences may occur from batch to batch in fragrance, texture and/or colour of products.

The health and well-being of planet Earth is intricately connected to that of the beings who dwell upon her. Being sure that our decisions on how to live, what to eat, what to apply to ourselves and our homes and what to wear is in alignment with our own perfect health ensures an outward ripple effect that will benefit the health of your family, environment and incrementally outward until all life has been touched.

This website will supply you with information, products and services that all support your perfect health. Whether you are new to natural living, or well experienced, I am sure I will have resources available here that will add something very special to your journey. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, custom orders or retreat requests.

In loving service…