Mists - ClearingI have had many treatments from Liz in the last three years, including chakra-clearings, animal-spirit journey meditations, balances and massages…. it’s not easy to put a label to what she does…. but always leave feeling clear, loved, wiser, and in the light… thank you for you Liz.   (Jen Rorrison, Kinesiologist)

I am a Kinesiologist and use Liz’s clearing and meditation sprays in my treatments, as well as the perfume essences…. the comments from my clients range from “woo ow”… to “what is in that magic spray”…. to “where can I get that stuff”… haha….. it’s all magical…  I feel Liz is a true Shaman, alchemist and magician, as well as a supportive, beautiful being, standing in her truth in this lifetime….thank you Liz.   (Jen Rorrison, Kinesiologist)